Bone-chilling Terror

It was late at night. I had decided it was time for bed. I headed into my housemate’s room to say goodnight. I thought it was going to be a small and pleasant interaction – but I was wrong. With the witching hour close at hand, the two of us were about to have a bloodcurdlingly terrifying experience.

We noticed that the light was shining upon the wall upon something we’d never seen before. Something so terrifying it chilled us to our very cores. It was, in fact, perhaps the greatest evil to exist in the world and it was there in the bedroom. Many would be driven mad by the sight of it – others might weep, others still might scream. I’m not an easily spooked person, I’ll happily wander around the woods or the streets in the middle of the night (even abandoned buildings) but this really unnerved me.

For you see, by an unfortunate twist of fate, we saw upon the wall – actually, we decided that it was probably best not to write about it publicly. So that’s the end of today’s blog post. I thought that by building it up so enormously, you’d all be less disappointed by the lack of climax. Needless to say, we both managed to get out with our lives. I’m sure your imagination will fill in something much more horrifying than I could write anyway – so, I thought, why would I write an ending when they can make a much better conclusion themselves?

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