Breaking a Nail

Whenever the subject of breaking a nail comes up in a film, it’s usually done as a way to make a female character look weak or superficial or it’s done to make a male character look feminine in a derogatory way. “Oh, I broke a nail,” is basically the media’s catchphrase for a plethora of negative female stereotypes and stereotypes of feminine men. But what I don’t understand is… Why? I mean, all stereotypes are pretty worthless, but this one just seems weird to me since breaking a nail can actually be pretty painful and frustrating. I broke a nail almost a week ago and it keeps snagging on things and is very painful – to avoid pain I have to avoid using that finger, but avoiding the use of that finger is quite difficult and I have not liked it at all. Obviously all stereotypes annoy me, but one based around the extreme hassle and pain of breaking a nail (and, of course, we have nails for a reason, they aren’t just fashion accessories) seems absolutely absurd to me. “Oh no, I broke a nail,” should be something that evokes a lot of sympathy. “Oh no, you broke a nail,” should be something you say with the deepest sympathies. Breaking a nail sucks.

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