One day, back in early 2011, I was chatting to my friend Ben Wood and he mentioned to me that he liked my brownies. As such, when I got home I cooked up a fresh batch. The next morning, I arrived early in the sixth form common room and waited with them. Luckily, he was one of the first people to arrive and so once I’d said hello, I reached into my bag and pulled out the brownies for him. He was very happy and he sat and ate some for a while. Just a short while later, my friend Elliott Egan arrived and had a little chat with Ben, joining him in the brownie eating. Slowly, more and more people started to arrive.
    “Hey Ben, can I have one?” asked a random female. I must admit that, rude as it may sound, I never really learned the names of a lot of people in my sixth form.
    “Of course!” he said, and handed the plate over.
    Ben carried on his conversation with Egan.
    “Hey, Ben brought everyone brownies!” she then called out to her friends at the other side of the room.
    A few more people came over and started eating them.
    “Whose’re those?” somebody asked.
    “Ben’s,” she replied.
    “Ah cool. Thanks, Ben!” they said.
    Meanwhile, I was just sat on a sofa watching this all play out. Ben and Egan had just been chatting about something and so hadn’t realised that Ben was being credited with the brownies. I found it all quite funny, and couldn’t stop myself from grinning. I decided to leave anyway, and snuck out to go and work in the study room. But, yes, anyway, that’s the story of the brownies, I’d just like to be clear, before I end, that I’m not writing this to complain or anything, I found the whole thing very funny, and so I wrote it in the hope that you would too!
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