Bus Justice

The other day I was riding home on the bus as I do after work every work day.  Everything seemed fine and everything seemed normal and the bus made it’s way towards Corsham. It passed through Box (a small town before Corsham) and then stopped. I assumed that the bus had broken down, as it often does at that point, but it was something else.

“Two people asked for tickets to Box, but nobody got off at any Box stops. I’m not going to continue until two of you get off. You get what you paid for,” said the driver, displaying an example of bus justice (or bustice) which would have made Bussyese, the great god of buses, very proud.

I thought this seemed pretty fair. This driver would get in trouble if people were riding on his bus without paying the full amount. But most of the people did not agree with him. In fact, nobody else did. They were shouting at him getting angry and just generally being rather rude, without being at all understanding. I thought it was quite sad really, that they were all so lacking empathy. Nobody even thanked him when they later got off the bus, so I made a point of giving some especially kind thanks.

Eventually three people got off the bus because of his demands. Which is odd. But it was quite an interesting situation to watch unfold and quite an unusual bus ride!

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