Bus Stop

Just the other day, I popped by to visit a very good friend of mine and to watch some Star Trek: The Next Generation with them (I can’t tell you their name, they prefer it not to be easily found online). Once Star Trek was over (very good episode, by the way) it was time for us to leave the house and head up to university.

Sadly, we just missed the bus to university that would have gotten us there on time. As such, we caught a different bus which would have taken us to right outside the university and then we’d only have had to walk down the drive (an easy ten to fifteen minute walk). But this plan didn’t go too well.
When the bus arrived, I hopped on, showed him my bus pass, and sat down. My friend, however, was a little low on money and so was paying the driver in pennies or something, so it took quite a while to get the exact amount. Once she’d actually paid, we weren’t all that much later, when we got off outside the university we’d be, roughly, twenty minutes late (or so). However, the plan was still to go more badly…
Since it was only going to be a relatively short trip, the pair of us sat down at the front of the bus, since it’s easiest to get off from there. What we didn’t take into account, is that it’s also hardest to see where the bus is from the front. Plus, it was dark outside, and the road we were getting off on was mostly unlighted.
“I think we’re nearly there now,” said my friend.
I peeped out of the main window, and that looked about right, so I said “I’ll ring the bell” and then I proceeded to ring the bell.
Turns out we were wrong.
We actually had to get off on a grassy verge beside the duel carriage way (I’m not quite sure why there’s a bus stop there anyway…,). But, with no path, it was very hard to walk on. As well as being uneven, it was also terribly muddy, and huge bushes were sticking their pokey branches out in front of us, not that we could see them, in the dark! So we wandered along the verge, holding each other’s hands to stop each other from falling onto the road and dying. About half way along it started snowing too. My friend didn’t really like any of this, but me, I didn’t really mind too much, I like a walk!
After swearing unhappily about it, my friend said “You should make a blog entry about this!”
And so then we made it to university safely, I got home later, then two days after I did just that! We did also get a free (very short) bus ride when a kind driver of a university bus picked us up while we wandered down the drive, and when we finally arrived where we were going (The Sign Society) we were fifty-four minutes late… The event did only last an hour, so, we decided to wait until the end and apologise.They also said that they’re going to write their own entry on this, so keep checking The Kite Still Flies, just in case!

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