Call Centre Christmas Connections

I recently started working in a call centre – it’s okay. It’s definitely not the best job I’ve had, but it’s also definitely not the worst. It’s good, simple, stress-free work and I can’t really complain about that. For today’s blog post, I’d actually like to talk about one particular positive aspect of my call centre experience.

What I do all day, is take customer orders from a catalogue. What has recently brought some small joy to my life, is the fact that they have been ordering Christmas related items. There’s a Christmas tree here, a set of fancy cutlery there and other times they order lots of presents for child-relatives.

Every time they order their Christmas products, I feel quite happy. I start imagining how they’ll be using them on Christmas day. I start thinking about how much people will love certain gifts and how the decorations will help to set the tone perfectly. It’s nice to think about people having a nice time and it’s nice to know that I will have had some small role in that – no matter how small and insignificant that role may have been.

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