One thing that I have noticed a lot recently is a lot people who have an upsetting lack empathy. When I am riding on the bus during my daily commute, I’ve recently seen somebody shouting angrily at the bus driver because of the traffic. Obviously traffic is something which can cause people to become quite frustrated, since it’s something which is completely out of somebody’s hands and, also, is something which takes up a lot of somebody’s time. I can understand why somebody would be upset about it, but people really need to consider how their actions might affect others. Shouting at a bus driver will just make their day a little more stressful and nothing else. I tend to find that a lot of negative actions are taken by people who are either assuming that they are somehow better than others or by simply taking to consider others (particularly those they are annoyed at) as human beings just like themselves. If peope took the time to be more empathetic, the world might just be a nice place.

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