Chilli Challenge

In 2008 I went out to the local park to meet up with my friends Matt Smith and Elliott Egan. It was a regular thing back then, and I always had a lot of fun. Anyway, this particular time, Matt had brought with him a bag of tiny, especially spicy chillis. These days I absolutely love eating chillis, but at this point I hadn’t ever had one before. There was also another person from my school there that I knew.
    “You should eat one of these,” Matt said to me.
    “I’m not sure,” I said, thinking of all those videos where people ate chillis on the internet.
    “Yeah, you should,” said Egan.
    “I’ll have one,” said the other person.
    “Good,” said Matt. “And you should too, Adam. I had one earlier.”
    “Well, I guess I don’t mind too much,” I said, hoping I’d not regret it.
    So the other person and I were each given a chilli and we booth ate them at the same time. Since it was so small, it was all gone after about three bites. It tasted kind of nice at first, and it wasn’t really hot at all. After that, though, the heat came. It wasn’t unbearable, but it was a little uncomfortable. But, in a way, the warmth of the chilli felt a bit nice. In fact I was enjoying it. Nothing wrong with it at all.
    Sadly, while I may not have had any real problems with the chilli, the other person didn’t seem to be handling it well at all. He fell to his knees, groaning in pain. Eventually, even that was too much, and he was just lying on the ground screaming and crying. I offered him a sip from my Trusty Water Bottle to ease the pain.
    “Did you chew your one, Adam?” said Matt. “It’s no wonder it’s not hot if you didn’t chew it.”
    “Oh, I did,” I said, “it just doesn’t seem that hot.”
    And it didn’t. I’ve never done anything like that again, but I am rather fond of spicy foods now. Nando’s is one of my absolute favourite places to visit with friends and I always get the ‘extra hot’ sauce on my burger. People have remarked that I must have something wrong with my mouth, meaning I never have trouble with spicy things. Maybe they’re right.

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