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I remember, last year, it was about a week away from Christmas, I was eating loads of small Christmas snacks and I was comfortably full, the heating was on and I was watching The Walking Dead. This year, I look back on watching The Walking Dead and think of it as a very Christmassy thing. Of course it doesn’t actually have anything to do with Christmas at all; it’s a zombie apocalypse and it always seems to be set during the heart of summer.

The same thing happened with the Fire Emblem series. In the build up to Christmas in 2011 I was playing through Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (my first exposure to the series) and I loved it. In 2013, during the build up to Christmas, I was playing through Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and now I am playing through Fire Emblem Awakening. I’ve never actually played a Fire Emblem game when Christmas wasn’t on the way. I’ll probably aim to be playing one in December 2015 too. Again, there’s nothing Christmassy about it (it’s a serious fantasy, turn-based strategy RPG game) but it will always be Christmassy in my mind now.

And I quite like it, how things can feel extra special and Christmassy for reasons as arbitrary as that. It also happened to a song I like, and I’ve written about it before, but it’s an interesting phenomenon and I’m sure I’m not the only person who can get into the Christmas spirit by doing things which are completely unrelated to Christmas.

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