Christmas Fantasy Vs Reality

In the news lately I’ve seen a story about a vicar who received a lot of negative comments after he told some school children in an assembly that Father Christmas didn’t exist. There’s been a lot of talk about how he ruined Christmas for them and things like that. For today’s blog entry I want to question whether or not Christmas is any better if you believe that Father Christmas exists.
    Obviously, we all know Father Christmas. He’s the lovely old man who makes us all presents at the North Pole and then magically travels across the whole world on Christmas Eve and delivers all of the gifts. He’s a great fictional character and probably one of the best known of all of them. I certainly don’t dislike the character, or the idea, and seeing images of him always makes me feel Christmassy and excited for the holiday season.
    But why is Christmas nicer if you believe he’s real? There was no point in my life when I believed Father Christmas was real, or if there was, it was beyond the reaches of my memory. But if you do believe in him, you believe that one person is kind enough to buy perfect gifts for all of the people on Earth, which is a wonderful thought, isn’t it? But I think this is one case where reality is much better than fantasy. Rather than one person being kind enough to give everyone gifts, everyone is very nice and take the time to express their love and care for their friends and family. Sure, there’s no real magic, but on this one day we express such extreme kindness towards everyone and it’s a kind of magic rooted in real life; it’s the magic of human love. Father Christmas is nice, but I’d much rather look at my gifts as an extension of other people’s love for me.

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