Christmas Killjoys

So now we’re about half way through November and it’s around now that the average person begins to get excited about Christmas and for people like me, who have been excited since September or earlier, to become very excited. But, sadly, this pleasant time of year doesn’t only bring about these happy people, but also people who feel the need to say “It’s only November, Christmas is ages away!” This annoys me for several reasons.
    A month is not a very long period of time. I’m always looking forward to things that are happening in several months’ time, and so, of course I’m excited about Christmas months in advance too. I think that most people are pretty excited about things of an equal temporal distance because you so often see people on Facebook write things like “Only three months until my exotic summer holiday, I can’t wait” but then when winter comes around they write “Excited for Christmas? It’s only November, you silly jerk”. So I just don’t understand why it’s not acceptable to be excited early for Christmas, my theory is that people complain about this excitement to cement themselves as an ‘adult’. Christmas is, for them, something which is ‘for kids’ and so a serious adult like them won’t be getting excited for it except, maybe, on Christmas Eve (this is may also explain, another criticism, of this wonderful time of year). This is rather ironic though, because for a child, yes, a month may be a long time, but for an adult that time will fly by in the blink of an eye.
    In the end, I guess this is just another example of people complaining for the sake of having something to say which I find quite sad. The internet is full of sarcastic, annoyed comments about things, so much so that it outweighs all the nice things people have to say and I hate to think this is an accurate reflection of human nature. Why can’t we all be more positive about life?

(Also, today is Friday so don’t miss this week’s Finger Puppet Show!)

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