Christmas Meals

I’m feeling especially happy today because I’ve been making the plans for my annual Christmas meals. Every year I arrange two Christmas meals: one of them is for all of my Corsham based friends and the other one is for all of my Bath based friends… Well, for all of my friends from non-Corsham locations. This year it seems like there’s a good chance that all of my guests will attend, which has me very excited, as that’s not happened before. I try and make these meals a little better every year; this year I’m paying the cost of everybody’s meals so that it’s just as much a treat for them (getting free food) as it is for me (getting to see lots of friends). I sometimes like to imagine how I’ll do this event in the future; I’m sure I’ll eventually be able to host it in my own flat, where I will cook all of them a Christmas dinner and have gifts for all of them. Maybe I’ll be able to host it at a really nice and fancy restaurant that everybody will enjoy (though, having said that, Nando’s is pretty amazing) but that’s all in the future. Right now I have two Christmas meal days to look forward to. For me Christmas isn’t just the 25th of December and these are two days I look forward to equally.
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