Christmas Stories

A Christmas tradition which I have, but which seems to be fairly uncommon in my experience, is writing a Christmas story each year. Obviously, I am quite creative and so enjoy writing fiction recreationally and if you aren’t that kind of person, you won’t enjoy it quite so much. But if you do write, writing an annual Christmas story is something you might enjoy very much. Is Christmas not quite feeling as special as you’d hoped? Then you can create that special feeling yourself in your writing. It’s an exercise I really enjoy and I feel like I’ve sometimes even gotten something very good out of it.

From a more productive perspective, activities like these could be a good way to help develop the characters you’ve created for other pieces of work. Are you writing a novel? Then perhaps doing something like writing about the main character’s experiences over Christmas could help you to gain a stronger understanding of who they are. Who knows, perhaps you’d even find a way to incorporate it into your novel? I think all writing, even when it’s not directly tied to something you plan to publish, is worthwhile and valuable. But for me, this activity is, first and foremost, a leisurely activity to get me into the Christmas spirit. Although, then again, the majority of my writing is done for leisure. If you don’t write and instead produce a different kind of art, you might still like to try doing something Christmassy once a year, just in your preferred medium. All prompts are useful!

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