A few weeks ago, my friend Naomi Brennan bought me a cow shaped cookie (actually, it was a gingerbread cow, rather than a cookie, but let’s just use the American definition for this one entry) and I liked it so much that I decided to name him Cooklin and use him in a comic strip! I hope it’s clear what’s happening in panel 6: Cooklin starts talking, and then Colin takes a bite out of him. I’m actually quite proud of this strip; I consider it one of the funnier ones, I think it turned out quite similar to something which would happen in an Annoying Orange video. Though on the downside, this is another strip which was just photographed against a blank wall, this is something I haven’t done in a while because I think they look a lot better when photographed at an actual place, but unfortunately it was late at night at the time and I didn’t have time to find a location because, well, I wanted to eat Cooklin.

Finger puppets can be bought here.

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