Corsham Train Station

Over the last year or so there’s been a lot of talk about a train station opening (or, I should say, reopening) in Corsham, more than I have ever known there be before. This has gotten me quite excited and I really hope that it will actually happen because it will be hugely beneficial to me. As somebody who is looking to find employment, a train station would broaden my horizons; it’d make it much easier for me to work in Bath (which is the place I most want to work) but it will also make it possible for me to work in places which are just too hard to reach on the bus (such as Bristol, where the majority of the jobs I want are!). On top of that, it would also improve my social life; people who live far away will be able to visit me much more easily, and I’ll also be able to easily pop down to Bath to meet the few friends I still have in the nearby area. Anyway, while it has been decided that a station is potentially viable, they are still researching the matter, so, people in Corsham, please fill out this survey, and let them know just how useful it will be!

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