Courtney Pritchard and Chloe McDermott

I had a request recently from Courtney Pritchard and Chloe McDermott to make an entry about them and to draw them on Paint. Here it is.

So I guess I’ll just say a little about them now, I see them most days when I do my MDSA work and they occasionally talk to me while I do it. Courtney’s nice enough, but Chloe is kind of insane, always signing into websites as Courtney and saying gross things to me.
Anywho, that’s it. If anybody else reading this (as I’ve said many times before) would like to have an entry written about themselves please ask me 🙂 I don’t like to generally write entries about people who I don’t know to well, but I’m happy to draw anybody so long as I have a picture to work from!
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