Creative Curse of the Call Centre

Throughout the week, I’ll get several ideas for blog posts I’d like to write. My current job is very menial and repetitive, so I often find my mind wandering to subjects that interest me more. Something in particular that I like to think about is my blog and ideas for things I might write about on it. As I while away the hours, I get plenty of ideas. I’ll remember a funny thing that happened and want to write it up. I’ll collect my thoughts on a certain subject. I’ll want to¬† write a sentimental reflection about something. The problem is that I’ll always forget my ideas…

In any other context, the best approach is to jot down the ideas right away. In a call centre, you’re discouraged from writing things down and can actually get in trouble for doing so. They’re concerned that we’re all dealing with sensitive information from customers and so there’s the risk that we could be writing down bank details and taking them home or something. But I want to write down my blog ideas! For this reason, so many ideas have been slipping away from me. At work, I have so many things that I wish I could be writing, but then when I sit down to get it done, they’ve all gone. It can feel a bit frustrating.

Imagine this hypothetical situation: would you enter a room which would provide you with lots of fun creative ideas, if you knew that the ideas would definitely leave you when you left and you weren’t allowed to write them down? Well, this magic room is pretty much my office.

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