Creative Expression

I have a habit, and I’m sure it’s something I have in common with many other people who would call themselves ‘creative’, of really making the most out of any task which gives you even the tiniest degree of creative freedom. A good example that I was reminded of recently, was in one of my science classes in 2009; we were given the task of drawing a diagram of a duck sitting on the surface of some water so that we could then also draw the forces that were acting on it to show how it was able to float (or something like that). Of course, I didn’t just want to make any old duck and I couldn’t help but make my one a little unique, something that was very much my own creation. So here is (a very close recreation of) what I drew:
And it’s something I always do. Whenever I am given something like this to do, I can’t help but put my own unique spin on it. I like to think I do the same with my SmartDating UK articles but, of course, I also have to be professional so I have to be more subtle about it.

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