(There was an entry called ‘Relaxing’ posted earlier today, but I was asked to take it down, so I’ve decided to post a different entry to replace it)

One day at the end of last year, I was in Bath visiting a friend of mine and we had lots of fun eating cakes and whatnot and then we wandered up to the university campus. Once there, we decided that we should probably so some work and so we each went to a computer to do some writing. Funnily enough, as far as I remember, this was when I started writing what went on to be my first published fiction.
    Anyway, time went on and it started to get late and soon it was time for me to head outside to catch the bus to town, where I could then catch the bus to Lovely Land (Corsham). However, a few minutes before leaving time, my friend had started a Skype video call with her partner and was chatting away with him, and so, when I told her I was heading out, she asked me to wait so that she could give me a proper goodbye after the call. As such, I waited and continued work on my writing.
    “Sorry!” she said, once her video call was over, then she gave me a hug and said goodbye.
    I headed down to catch my bus, but found, due to the delay, that I had missed it and it was driving away. The next bus was in half an hour. I headed back up to the library, explained the situation to my friend and got back to work on the computer. Once the time had come for the next bus, I said a quick goodbye to my friend and then headed down for my bus. Although, before I went, my friend said to be sure to call them later so that they could be sure I managed to catch the bus home.
    One bus ride later and I was standing at the empty bus bay and feeling mildly unhappy that I had two and a half hours to wait until my next bus (11 p.m.). I called my friend and explained and she kindly offered me the chance to stay at her house overnight, as getting back that late wasn’t such a good idea when I had to be in Bath early the next day. I wandered around the town for an hour or so and then my friend ‘collected’ me and we headed down to her house.
    We went into the living room and she said “Are you gonna be alright sleeping on the floor?”
    “Yes, of course!” I replied, and she headed upstairs and went to bed.
    I don’t particularly like wearing the same clothes for more than a day at a time, so I took off my over shirt and decided I would wear that alone the next day and sleep only in my undershirt and trousers.
    Meanwhile, my friend’s housemates had been out for the evening and just got home after I’d been lying on the floor for half an hour or so. I heard one of the housemates, David Tubb, comment to one of the other housemates, Naomi Brennan, that it was strange that my shoes were still on the floor after he’d seen me there hours earlier and (as far as he knew) was now safely home in Corsham.
    “How did Adam manage to forget his shoes?” he said.
    Then Naomi opened the room to the darkened living room.
    “Good evening!” I said, from the ground.
    “My goodness, Adam,” she replied. “Were you let in or…?” she didn’t finish that sentence, but she seemed quite shocked and I imagine it ended “did you break into our house?”
    “Oh yes, I was let in!” I replied, with a smile. “It’s a long story really…”
    “Save it for tomorrow,” said David. “I look forward to hearing it.”
    “You can’t just sleep on the floor,” said Naomi. “I’ll build you a bed!”
    “Oh, you don’t have to do that…” I said.
    But she very kindly did. I then spent the night there, and explained it all the next morning.
    Now, I would leave the entry there, BUT, I worry that this entry may make my nameless friend look a bit bad. So, just to be clear: she’s very nice, she bought me a yoyo and some cakes, she introduced me to leeks, we’re enjoying a Star Trek marathon together and she gave me two piano lessons and lots of other lovely things. So yes, thought I’d just make it clear that this wasn’t a bitter or complain-y entry, as it may appear!

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