Musical Memory

Take a listen to this song. Wonderful isn’t it? But for me, there’s a really strong emotional attachment to it. I first heard this in December 2012: I was having a lovely ‘Goodbye Day’ with a very good friend of mine who would be heading home for Christmas soon after. It was lovely, she bought me a yoyo, we went to Nando’s and all other nice things. The day before I had a similar day with her house mate (another very good friend of mine), David Tubb. It was a lovely time, really. But, very sadly, various things happened and David (and Naomi, another housemate) had to move away from my nameless friend, and now that circle of friends is broken. At the time, I was unaware that any of this would happen; I really loved the fact that they all lived together. Staying at their house was a delight. I so often think that I, as the one who stayed on good terms with all of them, could have done so much more to keep the stitches of their relationships held together, but I never really realised the seriousness of things, and so was utterly useless, meaning that several people were left very sad, myself included and it climaxed in things being completely severed between them. I know I SHOULDN’T blame myself for this, but I do believe that I could have ‘fixed’ things, if only I had realised the extent of things, and I just miss these times so terribly badly. But in the end, there was nothing to be done and things cannot go back (none of them should feel bad for my sad feelings towards it, either, nor should they interpret this entry as a message to any of them). Anyway, I’m writing this because when I listened to this song again (I think, for the first time) I remembered EXACTLY how I felt, how happy I was with everything and how good everything seemed. Ironically, I was probably the only person happy at the time. So, yes, I apologise for such an angsty post, the point of it was, that music can have an incredibly strong impact on us and remind us of exact emotional states in the past. I really wanted to write this down, and so, I figured my blog was the best place for it, and so there we go, a nice extra entry for you.

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