While sitting on the bus the other day, my mind began to wander (as it often does while it rides lovely buses), and I started thinking about what exactly would happen to this blog if I was killed in a tragic bus accident (I decided to specifically say bus accident there, because then, if I’m killed in a bus accident, people will be really amazed and think I was psychic of something crazy like that).
    Would the Trusty Water Blog just be left to gather metaphorical internet dust? I imagine it would, I mean, why would anybody want to visit a site which is never updated and doesn’t have much rereadability? I suppose there’s the tiniest chance it’d get more popular, every artist is suddenly better when they’re dead after all. But that probably doesn’t included authors of obscure blogs. So, eventually, I decided that I’d like most for somebody else to take over and continue writing it as often as possible. Then they can do the same and on, and on and there’ll be a long line of Trusty Water Bloggers.
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