Debit Destruction

Several weeks ago I headed to a cash machine to top up my phone. I did that, then headed home. It was a few days later that I realised my debit card was missing! I checked my online statement, and that top up had been the last time I’d used it. I was very confused, I had never lost a debit card before, and I had no idea where it could have gotten to. So I headed to the bank, explained the situation and a new card was sent to me a few days later.
    About a week or so later, I was relaxing at home when the phone rang. I answered and found that it was my Nan. She told me that a friend of her’s, who works at the local Co-Operative, had found my debit card and wanted me to come and pick it up. I thought it was quite funny, since I already had a replacement and I wondered how it had gotten there. So I asked her to tell the person who had found the card to destroy it, since I didn’t need it anymore.
    A couple of days later I was out in Bath and planning on buying some lunch. Before I did so, though, I wanted to check how much money was in my account because Student Finance was due to give me some money around that time. Sadly, I’d not be getting any lunch out that day; I opened my wallet and found that my debit card was missing. It seems I’d lost the second one too, and then ordered it destroyed just days afterward…
    Today the third one arrived and it looks much cooler than either of the other two! I hope it lasts a long time…
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