Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension by George Mann and Cavan Scott

I love Doctor Who comics because they have the capacity to bring together lots of different characters in ways which would never work on television and for fast-paced stories which would never work in novels. It’s an excellent formula which can lead to some really fantastic scenarios.

In The Lost Dimension, there are more fan-pleasing plot-lines and occurrences than I’ve seen in any other piece of Doctor Who fiction. Without revealing any spoilers, here’s an overview of some of the things you’ll find in this comic: there’s an explanation for why we’ve seen the Silurians with so many different designs, Jenny gets to interact with the Fifth Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor gets caught up in story arcs from the Virgin New Adventures, there are several references to the Big Finish range, Quarks, Krotons and Ogrons all appear, every incarnation of the Doctor (up to the Twelfth) has some role in the story and so do a fair number of the companions.

The storyline is based around some mysterious white holes appearing around the universe and lots of people becoming infected with a mysterious energy. Essentially, it’s all just a set up to allow all of these fan-pleasing situations to occur. Strangely, as much as I am indeed a fan and always easily pleased by such things, I was never invested in this story quite as much as I have been with other Doctor Who comics. I think, perhaps, the fan-pleasing side of things went a little bit too far. It’s hard to put my finger on it specifically.

I think if you’re a big fan, you should definitely give it a try – at very least, you’ll like all of the things I mentioned above (and I liked them all myself) and maybe you’ll even consider it one of the most exciting Doctor Who stories you’ve ever read. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not a huge fan though, as the references and connections will all be lost to you and it might feel inaccessible and even for me, they felt a bit on the nose – but I totally appreciate what they were trying to do.

Rating: 7.8/10

Buy the first volume here.

Buy the second volume here.

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