Doing Things at Night

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I tend to find that doing things at night is always so much more enjoyable than doing things during the day. I guess the obvious thing is sleep: tucking in to go to sleep for the night is really nice, but having a nap in the middle of the day isn’t really very special. Having a chat with a friend is nice, but having a chat with a friend deep into the night is even nicer. Having breakfast is okay, but having dinner at night is amazing. Walking through the streets during the daytime is nice, seeing the city lights as you walk down the street at night is breathtaking. Having a ride in a car is nice, but riding in a car at night with all the lights from the traffic shining through the window is lovely. Playing a video game is nice, but playing a video game until it’s time for bed is even nicer. All of my most emotionally intense (and I mean that positively) memories are from the night time. Just why is everything nicer at night time? I think it might be because we as humans become more emotional as the day wears on (the rational part of our brain becomes weaker as it becomes tired throughout the day) and so as our emotions are heightened, we experience our positive feelings more strongly at night than we do during the day. That could be entirely wrong (I don’t know) but if it’s true it just goes to show how we are entirely ruled by our emotions.

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