Don’t Hit Girls (or Boys)

I find it a little annoying when people say that it is somehow worse to hit women than it is to hit men. People who say it seem to think that this belief is somehow beneficial to women too, when it is actually the opposite, being damaging to both men and women. The strangest thing, for me, is that I’ve heard people who call themselves feminists say this too! I don’t understand why it’s such a widespread belief.
    Every time somebody says ‘don’t hit girls’ they’re also saying other things too, namely “Women are weaker than men” and “men are more violent than women” two views that do nothing to help anybody. There are, in fact, lots of women who could probably handle a fight a lot better than lots of men, and lots of men who’d suffer much more psychological trauma from a fight then lots of women. Notice, also, that people don’t say ‘don’t hit girls’ to women? Because they’re assuming that a woman must be so weak she can’t harm anybody anyway. Or is it because women are innocent creatures who never hit anybody and only a violent man would start a fight? So why is it that we so often hear “Don’t hit girls” but not “don’t hit anybody”? Clearly the latter is a much better rule to follow! But instead people insist on the poorer, gender roles enforcing rule…
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