Dream Coffee Place

One thing I really like is visiting coffee places. There’s a lovely smell in the air, delicious cheese cakes for a snack and lovely hot chocolate to drink (at least that’s what I always get there) and they usually have especially comfy seats too. There have been so many times when I’ve sat in a coffee place for hours having deep conversations with my close friends. I think, perhaps, that I’ve begun to develop a positive association with the smell of coffee because of all these experiences. Anyway, one thing I’ve always thought was something which would be really nice, is a coffee place which is open very late into the night – I’d love to be in one at about 2am. Outside it would be pitch black, a perfect cold and dark night in the city, but inside the welcoming glow of the lights and comforting warmth of the hot chocolate would be heavenly. Having long discussions deep into the night in this hypothetical all-night coffee place is really appealing to me. It’s nice to chat late in a pub, but I think talking for hours in a place like this would be even nicer.

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