Dreamy Bus Ride

It was December 2011. I was rather tired and, as I so often am in these anecdotes, I was riding on a bus. I think it must have been one of those days when I had to get up at 6 a.m. because I wasn’t normally so tired. Now, of course, buses are so incredibly comfortable and relaxing, so, riding on one while sleepy is very likely to make you doze off.
    I kept switching between dreaming and waking, and dreams seemed to be merging with reality. There were lots of posters up on the walls and I kept thinking that the words were flying off the paper towards me, then I’d blink myself back into real life and I’d realise that, of course, those letters weren’t actually flying around. That wasn’t the only thing I dreamt though. I was also sure that I was riding the bus along with David Tubb and, indeed, in the dream I was quite deep into a conversation with him. I think I was talking to him about how I kept thinking the words were coming off the wall.
    Then I blinked myself back again. I looked to my right, wanting to say something else to David, but instead there was just an old woman and she didn’t look especially amused. Oh. How sad. And I was very sad, because the dream had seemed very real. Imagine if you were out having a nice time with one of your best friends and then all of a sudden they vanished into thin air! It wouldn’t be very nice. Like you’re having a lovely warm shower on a cold winter’s day and then the water suddenly stops. So then I had to enjoy the rest of my bus ride alone, which is an awfully silly thing to say, since I actually enjoyed the entirety of the trip alone. I wonder if I was sleep-talking to the woman next to me?
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