Driftveil Drawbridge and Super Castlevania IV

For Christmas, my brother bought me the game Pokémon White. This is an excellent game, and I’ve been spending a lot of time playing it lately, as soon as I’m finished I’ll most probably post a review on here. Just the other day, I got to an area in the game called Driftveil Drawbridge, and I realised that the music there sounds a lot like the music from the Waterfall area in Super Castlevania IV (a game I’ll review if I ever manage to beat the really hard levels at the end of the game!). They’re so similar, that I wonder if it might be intentional. But, I’ll let you decided for yourself.

Here is Super Castlevania IV’s Waterfall music:

Here is the music from Driftveil Drawbridge:
So what does everybody think? Do they sound the same to you? Could it be intentional? Coincidence? I’ll leave you to decide.
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