Eating Chillies

I recently started eating a chilli every day. It might, perhaps, sound like an unusual thing to do, but I think it’s actually very nice for quite a few reasons. Firstly, chillies are quite tasty – there are lots of different flavours. Some of them are sweet, some of their are savoury. I have to admit, that I think that the sweet ones taste a little bad, but I quite like the excitement of not knowing how it will taste before you try one. It’s the same reason I enjoy the sweets, Revels. Then, after a few bites, you get the spice; it’s a very pleasant tingly feeling in your mouth which is also comfortable and warm. Then, once you’ve finished it, you can have some water which mixes really nicely with the lasting tingle and after taste of delicious chillies. Plus, of course, there is a huge variety of chilli types and you can get the one which is right for you. I tend to find that, over time I gravitate more and more towards spicier chillies, because the ones I had before tend to seem less spicy as times goes by. Anyway, those are the reasons that I enjoy eating chillies and you must also remember that they are very healthy! As the new saying goes, a chilli a day keeps the doctor away.

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