Echoes of the Past

As the years go by, we often find that we’ve let our friends slip through our fingers. Sadly, this was the case with my old friend Mike Wing. Anybody who’s been reading this blog may have realised that he makes less ‘appearances’ in my anecdotes these days. One minute he was drunkenly unbuttoning my shirt in the bathroom of a nightclub, the next he was off having his own adventures at university. But of course, as with all my friends, I kept him in mind, and I even wrote a blog entry about him popping into my head at an odd moment.
    Anyway, just the other day, I was out having my daily walk with my brothers, when somebody screamed something at me as they sped past in their car.
    “What an idiot,” said one of my brothers.
    “Yeah, I hate it when people do that,” said the other.
    “Well, we don’t know they were an idiot. It reminded me of my old friend Mike Wing actually, he would always scream things as he drove past me and he wasn’t an idiot. Of course, I’ve not seen him in years now,” I said, and we continued with our walk.
    The next day, I found I had a message on Facebook and, very unexpectedly, it was a message from Mike.
    “Did you realise it was me screaming at you from a car yesterday? That reaction was priceless,” was the message.
    I couldn’t remember how I’d reacted, so I asked him to specify and he said “it was just like a very slow, taken by surprise reaction” but the point is, that I was quite pleased I hadn’t been wrong in thinking of him at that moment, because, indeed, it was him.
    He explained that he “simply wanted to scream ‘Randall’ one last time.”

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