The summer of 2011 was just as lovely as the summer we’re currently enjoying. I remember that on one day I was out in Corsham and enjoying a delicious lunch of a Co-Op Low Fat Cheese & Onion Sandwich and Co-Op Brownie with my good friend Dalfino Madrigal Keyte. During that lunch, I spotted my Gran doing some shopping so she came over and the pair of us had a little chat. Dalfino doesn’t know her, so, he just kind of kept to himself and said nothing during the whole conversation. Once she’d gone, he and I resumed our lunch together.
    A few days later, I was at my Gran’s house having lunch.
    “So, was that your girlfriend you were with the other day?” she asked.
    “That was Dalfino, and he certainly isn’t my girlfriend,” I said, wondering whether I might be stepping into some kind of joke.
    “That wasn’t a boy!” she said, as if it were a really ridiculous lie.
    “Yes it was!” I said. “I’m one hundred percent sure that Dalfino is male.”
    “She even has a girl’s name. Don’t try to lie to me.”
    “But he really is male.”
    “Heh heh, okay then, he’s a ‘male’,” she said, sarcastically.
    I’m afraid I never could quite convince her. Which is odd, because Dalfino’s not even very feminine looking.
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