Empathetic Qualities

Empathy is probably the human virtue which I value most highly. When I look at all of the people with whom I have shared a close relationship, there’s quite a diverse range of personalities, but there’s one thing which all of them share and that is a strong sense of empathy. I like to think that I can make friends with anybody, but if somebody lacks that crucial empathetic quality, I am not sure I could ever form an especially strong bond with somebody. But then, to have a strong bond with somebody, the positive feelings need to flow from each person and if somebody is not at all empathetic, can they really care for somebody else? At least, to any significant level? On the other hand, I am able to accept the fact that I am a fairly atypical person; some people have described me as “eccentric” and other similar things, which seems strange to me, but as this is the case, it might be that non-empathetic would struggle to befriend me in particular – it might not just be that I find it hard to connect with people who are not very empathetic, but also that they find it hard to bond with me. Either way, it likely is not a coincidence that I notice this similar trait amongst all of my closest friends and, at very least, it must be a quality which I am attracted to.

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