Employment At Last

Monday’s blog post was quite a negative post about the serious problems with the Job Centre and so, to counter that, today’s post will be a positive one about the fact that I have now found some full time employment!
    I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by an agency who saw my CV online and I thought I might be a good match for a vacancy at Park Lane Press. A few days later I had an interview, and things seemed to go very well. The job they thought I’d be good for was that of a ‘Telesales Executive’ which would have just involved calling their clients to see if they needed any more print work, but before the interview they took a look at this website and they were very impressed. They were so impressed, in fact, that they created a whole new side to the job, just for me!
    So, now I work as their “Social Media Content Manager / Telesales Executive” and 50% of my time is dedicated to calling their clients (as originally planned) and the other 50% is dedicated to running their social media and improving their online presence. I’ve been building them a whole new website and there’ll soon be a blog published with regular posts by me! I love this job. I have a good deal of creative freedom and having two distinctive things to take care of means that I don’t do the exact same thing for hours.
    The only small downside of this is that, with a full time job on my hands, I’m finding it a little hard to juggle all of my other pursuits. I’ll be writing much fewer articles for Rice Digital from now on as a result of this. But I don’t want that to sound like a complaint, I’m very happy right about all of this and I’m writing that more as an apology than anything else.
    To end this post, I’d just like to say that it’s quite nice how all this worked out; when I was still in university, I often thought that it could be good to work for Park Lane Press… and now I do!

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