I was chatting with my friend Dalfino on Facebook today and, at one point in the conversation he inadvertently wrote ‘enoguh’ rather than the word ‘enough’. A simple mistake, I thought, and one not likely to cause any confusion. Dalfino, on the other hand, thought this was an enormous error on his part and that the whole thing was rather extraordinary. ‘Enoguh’, he thought, was a completely different word than ‘enough’. I wonder if on average, a person would see things from my perspective, or from Dalfino’s? Anyway, you might be wondering why it is that I’m telling you all this. Well, after this happened Dalfino told me that I should make a blog post about the word ‘enoguh’ I told him I probably wouldn’t be able to write anything interesting, but he told me I’d find a way to make it interesting. Since I hadn’t written my blog post for the day, and I do like to keep my readers happy, this has been a blog post on ‘enoguh’ and while it may not be my best, I’m sure it has at least some value to it. It’s nice to record small moments from life, after all. I don’t know if this short anecdote has been particularly interesting, but I suppose it is rather interesting to consider the fact that ‘enoguh’, when said out loud, does sound an awful lot like ‘an ogre’.

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