Lately, as spring beings and the days get a little bit longer, I’ve found that I’ve had the chance to take my evening walks during daylight hours. I hadn’t really thought about it much, but I realised that I was going out in the sunlight for the first time in months and I found it a very uplifting experience. The darkness of winter hadn’t made me depressed like it does some people, but walking in the sun really energised me and put me in a good mood. And, most of all, it made me excited.

I have very little faith in our government and feel that they have responded appallingly to the ongoing pandemic – BUT, it’s beginning to feel as though the end is in sight. I walk along the streets with the sun shining down and think, maybe it won’t be too long before I can go to Nando’s again. Maybe it won’t be too long before I can arrange some big group meals. Maybe I’ll get to go around to a friend’s house again. Sit in a dessert parlour and eat an ice cream sundae. Nurse a diet coke on a summer’s evening at a pub with outdoor seating.

I don’t know – maybe it’s just because the vaccinations are rolling out, or maybe it’s just the sun skewing me towards optimism, but it certainly feels closer to the end than it does to the start. Last year, I felt there was no end in sight, but now… things aren’t better yet and it may still be several months, but I can imagine getting back into things before too long and that’s a pleasant thought.

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