Exercise Your Brain at the Gym

I like to try and go to the gym at least two or three times a week to try and help myself to stay healthy and to stay in shape. It’s also fairly fun, I think, especially when I go with a friend. But one unexpected bonus of visiting the gym is how much I find it to stimulate my mind. While I am in there exercising, I’m never actually thinking about exercising, usually I find that I am thinking of blog posts and short stories to write, comic strips to make, social events to arrange and even fun things to do in the future. It’s also a wonderfully de-stressing activity. Not too long ago I was working in a job which I found very stressful and visiting the gym afterward was always the perfect way for me to release any frustration that developed during the work day.

It’s an excellent way to make yourself feel motivated for a lot of things and it really helps to consolidate ideas – or at least that’s the case for me. If you are ever suffering from a case of writer’s block, have you ever considered a trip to the gym? Even if you don’t exercise very often, you could just pop down whenever you need some mental stimulation, or even whenever you feel a bit unhappy or stressed. Everybody thinks of the gym as the place to go to get fit or to lose weight, but I think a lot of people overlook the mental benefits. It’s something that’s well worth keeping in mind and I hope that this might be able to help you out at some point. Who knows? If you turn to the gym for cognitive inspiration often enough, your fitness levels might even gain a little bit of a boost!

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