Failed Joke 3: No Longer a Failure

Several weeks ago I wrote a blog entry called ‘Failed Joke‘  where I told you about a joke I tried on a friend of mine, and it ended terribly… However, just yesterday I tried the joke again on another friend and had a much more desired reaction!
Me: So, you know the joke about gullible not being in the dictionary?
Friend: Yes.
Me: Could you explain it to me? I never understood it.
Friend: Ah… I don’t know, you’re not playing a trick on me are you?
Me: No… (Thinking: heh heh, yes I am).
Friend: Well do you know what gullible means?
Me: Ah… no…
Friend: *sighs* it could only be you who didn’t understand this joke…
Me: So I tell you an embarrassing secret of mine and all you do is mock me?
Friend: Well, I guess I’ll explain it so you don’t get embarrassed: basically, gullible means that you’ll-
Me: Heh heh heh, that why you are gullible! Of course I know what it means.
Friend: Heh, very funny. You’re such an evil genius.
Me:  :D

Ignoring the ‘evil’, what was previously a ‘failed joke’ now got me called a genius!

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