Failed Joke

I’m just going to write out a conversation I had with a friend of mine a few months ago in an English lesson. I’d thought up what I thought was a really good joke. This is what happened:

Me: So you know the joke about gullible not being in the dictionary?
Friend: Yeah, what about it?
Me: I don’t get it, can you explain it to me?
(Now I’m going to break this down into two sections. Section 1 is how I imagined the conversation would go, Section 2 is how it really went.)

Section 1:
Friend: Oh well you see ‘gullible’ means you’d easily believe what you’re told, so you’d have to be gullible to believe ‘gullible’ wasn’t in the dictionary!
Me: And that’s why you are gullible! Of course I get the joke 😛
Friend: Hahahaha, what a good joke. The fact that you thought of it yourself and told it so well has made us better friends and I respect you more for it.
Me: 🙂

Section 2:
Friend: Oh well you see, ‘gullible’ means…
Me: (Unable to contain laughter) You’re the gullible one! Of course I get the joke 😛
Friend: What?
Me: I said you’re the gullible one.
Friend: Yeah I heard, but why?
Me: Because I obviously have heard of that joke. You were gullible for thinking otherwise!
Friend: Oh.
Me: *awkward silence* … 🙁
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