Finger Puppet Pornography Show

Four weeks ago I started as an unpaid ‘General Administrator’ at The Job Centre Plus in Chippenham. This is only a temporary work experience thing and I’ll be leaving in three weeks, but I enjoy doing it quite a lot. One thing I don’t enjoy about it, however, is that their computers have a very silly filtering system which blocks access to certain websites. On my first day, during a break, I tried to get on to SmartDating UK in order to write a new article, but it was blocked. Today I tried to see if the latest Finger Puppet Show comic strip had posted without any problems and that was blocked too. Why? Well, because it thought it was ‘pornography’ and, to use the filter’s own words it “contains materials intended to be sexually arousing or erotic.” Let me assure you, I never intended anything like that in anything I’ve ever made, let alone my child-friendly webcomic.
    Not only does this show how rubbish those kind of filtering systems are (best to never use them), but it’s also quite funny. For those who don’t know, I was once very lucky in that I got to see Jake and Amir live and afterwards I had a brief chat with them where I got them to pose for a Finger Puppet Show strip. The conversation went like this:
    “Hello,” I said, “this may soundly like a slightly strange request, but would you mind posing with this cow puppet?”
    “Er, yeah, I’m okay with that,” said Jake, who then looked towards Amir.
    “Yeah, that’s fine,” said Amir.
    So I handed over Colin and they held him for the picture and I took it.
    “Oh!” said Streeter Siedell (who had also been part of the live show) as he saw them posing with the puppet, “I know that porn site!”
    And I laughed, enjoying the joke. But perhaps Streeter was right; perhaps, my beloved Finger Puppet Show is actually popular amongst those who have a finger puppet sexual fetish. That’s what I’ve actually been making all along! If only I had listened to Streeter.

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