Five Stories

I decided that, today, I would post a small sample of my fictional writing! Here are five stories I think are better than a lot of my others, I’ve put quite a variety in order to show off several of my characters. Just click on the title and you should be able to download it. If this entry is popular, I might post another five in the future.

5. The Exploration of the Philosophic Realm
This story features my Victorian adventurer Edward Harker. Here he takes a trip to Greece and finds something rather philosophically interesting.
Words: 4,028 Pages: 6 

4. Fire
Featuring my two teenage characters Jane Dawson and Steve Gunner. There is a little bit of jealousy at a school event involving a boy named Jack which then escalates, to say the least.
Words: 1,018 Pages: 2

3. Let’s Talk
Featuring my two time travellers, Bernard Adams Dobson who’s bad (and who you might remember) and Gordon Orson Dobson who’s good (who you also might remember). Basically, the pair of them are trapped in a room together for a short period of time with no explanation and so find themselves with nothing to do but to talk to one another.
Words: 1,325 Pages: 4

2. The Second Coming
Featuring my journalist character Jessica Andrews. In this story she comes across a man claiming to be Jesus Christ reborn.
Words: 1, 813 Pages: 4

1. Clothes
Featuring Gordon and Bernard again! In this story, Bernard breaks into a leisure centre.
Words: 1, 564 Pages: 3

(All of these stories could easily be rated at PG, or 12 at the highest. Just a warning though, in the story ‘Fire’ there is a single instance of bad language. I may not swear, but that doesn’t mean my characters don’t!)

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