Fizzy Drinks

I don’t really drink much beside my favourite drink, water. I always have my Trusty Water Bottle with me and, throughout the day, I am always drinking a little bit, so I never really get thirsty. Having said that, occasionally I’ll find myself craving a fizzy drink. The problem is, I don’t like fizzy drinks. I can just about stomach Diet Coke, Dandelion and Burdock and Appletiser, but most of the others make me feel sick pretty quickly. Yet I still want them from time to time.
    Maybe one day I’ll be thinking to myself “A Dr. Pepper would be nice tonight” and I’ll look fondly on the days when I liked Dr. Pepper and think that it could be like that again. Of course, on these rare times that I get these cravings I don’t like it once I get it, but I get one every time all the same (silly old me). I’ll enjoy the first sip, of course, and probably even the seventh sip too, but I can never manage a whole bottle. It’s usually about 1/3 of the 500ml bottle, at most, that I manage.
    Last time a thought occurred to me: how come they barely have any drinks in cans these days? I can usually manage a can (not always) but then, nearly every drink seems only to come in a huge bottle. I have to wonder why this is. Have people always wanted more than a mere can and moved towards the bigger bottles? Or have companies moved towards the bottles and phased out the cans in order to earn more money? I mean, the fact that I buy them just proves that it will work. I miss cans.

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