Art Exam

I’ve always wanted to be good at making visual art, so, I guess it should be no surprise that I chose Art as one of my GCSE options. I had hoped that the classes would help me to become a good artist, but as far as I remember every class pretty much went along the lines of “use this hour to do some art” without any real direction.
    So, sadly, I didn’t really learn anything in those classes. Still, I enjoyed them nonetheless because in the seating plan I was next to my friend Sarah so I spent most of the classes just talking to her while I worked on several different A1 pieces of work. A day with an art class in it, to me, was just a day with an extra free hour in it. I had to go into the class, but otherwise I had nothing to do.
    Anyway, one day I was at home, almost ready for bed, when I remembered that the next day was the art exam. The exam was ten hours long and was done for five hours over two days and you had to draw something on a big A1 sheet of paper. What I’d forgotten, however, was that I needed to bring in an original photograph which I owned the copyright of. Back then I wasn’t really into photography, so, I didn’t have a backlog I could just take something from. So, what I had to do was print off my Bebo display picture (which was a photograph of me). For those who don’t know, back in 2008 Bebo was an immensely popular social networking site.
    I arrived with the little picture of myself and then spent the next ten hours turning it into an A1 sized self-portrait. Actually, it only took me about three hours and then I was finished, but I still had to be there for the full ten. Thankfully, I had a few episodes of The Waltons safe on my iPod, so I watched them all. It’s probably the most unusual exam I’ve ever done (so far!). Why yes, I did get an E grade at the end? How did you guess?

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