Food: The Universal Ice Breaker

Do you struggle to make conversation with people? Well, here’s one tip to make it easier to make small talk with people. Think about this: What’s the one thing that everybody loves? Food, of course. So if you want to talk to someone, just talk to them about food.

Let’s say you’re in a context where you’re near someone who you think is pretty cool and you want to be friends with them (or even seduce them, should you be so inclined) but you don’t know how to break the ice. Say this: “I had a sandwich yesterday.”

“Oh, yeah?” they ask, intrigued.

“Yeah. It had cheese in it.”

“Wow, cool. What was it? Cheese and onion? Cheese and pickle? Cheese and tomato? Four cheese and onion chutney? Cheese and carrot? Gosh. There’s so many options. I love them all.”

See what I mean? Your conversation would be off to a great start. After a few of these food based dialogues, your relationship will be off to a great start. And the good thing about food, is that there’s so much of it to discuss and everybody can relate.

I was eating an orange the other day, you know? Wow. I went to Nando’s. Oh my goodness, I’m so happy for you. What’s your favourite onion colour? Are we speaking aesthetics or taste? What are your top ten favourite vegetables? Portobello mushrooms gotta be number one, right? And boy it better aint be tomatoes! Speaking of tomatoes, who’s your least favourite international terrorist? Gosh. I was eating a brownie the other day. Oh my. Oh my. It was a good one. I trembled. Know what I mean? Yeah. So good. Is there any greater physical pleasure in life? Of course not. Have you ever thought about how cheesecake is so good? Probably because its a combination of cheese and cake, two 10/10 foods. Wow. I’m so hungry. Let’s go and get dinner together and solidify that bond which will bind us both until death us do part. The only upside that will come if I outlive you, is that I will get to eat delicious food at the wake after your funeral.

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