No, this blog post isn’t going to be about the sport football (which I know next to nothing about) rather, it’s an anecdotal story about one specific football. Why didn’t I reflect that in the post’s title? Well, I’m sorry. I just quite like to use one word titles when writing about things that happened to me.
    It was back in 2008 during a weeklong trip to Cornwall with a couple a friends (a holiday which I have written about one or two times before), and the three of us were thinking about what to do that warm summer’s evening. One of my friends was familiar with the area and he suggested that we visit an arcade which was within walking distance. This sounded like a fun idea and so that’s what we decided to do.
    When we arrived, we found that this arcade had a ticket exchange booth where you could get prizes. None of the prizes really looked worth it to me, so I didn’t spend any money or use any of the machines for the whole night and instead took happiness from the fact that my friends were having such a nice time.
    Despite the fact that they already owned footballs, they were both working towards a football (which actually cost an awful lot of tickets). We stayed in that arcade late into the night and they earned ticket after ticket until, I believe, the place was about to close and we had to exchange everything.
    But then, tragedy. We went to the ticket exchange booth and, despite the fact that my friends had spent upward of £50 on the gaming machines throughout the night, they still didn’t have enough tickets for the football (which, in a shop, would have cost less than £5).
    “Don’t worry,” I said to them. “I’ll have a word the woman at the ticket exchange.”
    So I went over and had a small chat with her.
    “Hello,” I said. “I hope it’s not rude to say this, but my two friends have been working so hard this evening, hoping to win that football over there, but they’re still a few tickets short. Do you think it might be possible to let them have it anyway? I’d just hate for them to be disappointed.”
    “Oh, alright then,” she said with a smile.
    So, they had their football and all was well. We left the arcade in high spirits, and my friends were so excited they were kicking that ball all over the place. They were kicking it around so much, in fact, that on the way home it actually went over the edge of a cliff and into the ocean.

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