Fortune Cookie

A couple of weeks ago, I was out for dinner with a group of good friends in Corsham. We visited a Chinese restaurant called Imperial Garden – very fancy place, with delicious food and a good atmosphere. I ate a vegetarian duck – which I hope indicated that it was a meat alternative and not just a description of the duck’s diet.

Anyway, after finishing off the main course, we were presented with the dessert menu. I love dessert. The restaurant experience doesn’t feel quite complete to me unless I have one. But, I do have a lot of expenses this month, so using all of the will power that I could muster, I declined to have one when the staff returned. I wished that I could have had something called a chocolate cube, but, I supposed, it was not to be. My friends were surprised at my restraint.

I did have a small consolation, however. The staff then brought in fortune cookies for everyone and, oh my, was mine delicious. Sweet and wafery. The fortune it gave me was “An old wish will come true.” I pondered on which of my many old wishes might finally come true. Would I be contacted by the exams board to tell me that, seven years later, they’ve noticed an administrative error and I did get an A in A Level English Language after all?

“So, what dessert would you have gone for if you ordered one?” asked one of my friends.

“Oh, there’s no doubt in my mind,” I said. “It would have been the delicious chocolate cube.”

The conversation then continued on to other subjects for a while, until the waiter was walking past once again.

“Oi, mate,” said my friend. “Get us a chocolate cube, please.”

“Oh my,” I said, “so now my old wish has come true!”

And sure enough, it was just as exciting and delicious as I imagined it would be. What a magical experience.

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