Four Years of Trusty Water Blog

As of yesterday, the Trusty Water Blog is four years old. If I’m honest, I’m a little bit disappointed in myself for forgetting my blog’s birthday! Well, I suppose it wasn’t strictly a case of me forgetting, more a case of misremembering; I was sure that it was on the eleventh of May that I started my blog, but I guess my memory has faded a bit.
    It’s interesting to remember the position I was in when writing the first post in 2011. I had just finished an A Level exam and was chatting with my friend Dalfino in the computer room before going on to do my MDSA work. At the time I was a little sad, because with my time in my sixth form coming to an end and all my close friends going off to universities all over the country, I was worried that I’d lose touch with them. Of course, four years later I’m no longer at the school, I no longer work as an MDSA and, sadly, I also never really get to see Dalfino either.
    It would be awfully nice, I think, to relive that time with the ability of foresight. As it turns out, I met some terribly wonderful people when I went to Bath Spa University that October and was very happy there. What I thought would be months spent lamenting the loss of old friends, was actually immense happiness at the arrival as new friends. Now, in the present day of 2015, all of those new friends have gone too and my days do seem rather empty, but of course, 10th May 2011 didn’t seem like a great time either, did it? For all I know, in four years’ time I’d wish I could come back to this day with the power of foresight so that I could re-live it again!
    It’s interesting how this blog has developed over this time; if you read the first post, you’ll see that I only really started all of this because Dalfino told me too. I expected that, after a few months, I’d give up, but how nice that I’m still doing it now. When I first started, I set myself a rule that I’d not write emotional posts, because I didn’t think that they’d be enjoyable to anyone; I remember when I first broke that rule, and I suppose since then it’s become not uncommon for me to write quite sentimental posts. Then, of course, I eventually started doing Finger Puppet Shows, which then branched out to become their own thing. And, I’ve also got quite a comprehensive set of reviews on here too now. In the end, without going into to all the actual career progressions this blog has helped me with, it’s nice to look at how it’s developed and grown and feel good about it as one of my biggest achievements. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

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