The other day I was riding on the train and there were a group of geezers sitting a few seats behind me. I should make it clear, by the way, that they were self-proclaimed geezers and that’s not just something I’m calling them myself. I wanted to write about them because the things they said were absolutely ridiculous.

They were planning on heading to nightclubs soon, but didn’t think that that alone would be exciting enough. So what could they do to make a nightclub visit more exciting? Why, they wanted to start a fight, of course. I’m not even joking. These men on the train were talking about how they liked to pick a fight with the biggest person in nightclubs so that they could then enjoy the mayhem that ensued. One of the group had some reservations about the plan though, because a friend of theirs’ liked to do the same thing but got beaten up really badly and are now in hospital.

A little later on a woman got into the carriage and asked a non-geezer man if it would be okay to sit next to him. He told her it was fine, because he was just getting up to leave in a moment anyway. “Looks like nobody wants to sit next to me,” she said jokingly… I’m sure you know where this is going. “I’ll sit next to ya, love,” commented one of the geezers…

For me, it’s just a little hard to believe that people like this exist. Their lives must be so different to my own in every respect. It’s sad that some people want to live in such a violent and aggressive way. Hopefully they decided against nightclub fighting in the end!

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