Ghosts Drained my Phone Battery 

During the summer of 2009, I was out taking a stroll by myself. I walked out past Corsham Court and down along through the surrounding fields. If you walk far enough through those fields you will eventually arrive at a small bridge called Dry Arch. Supposedly, this old bridge is haunted by the ghost of highway man Dick Turpin who used to use the bottom of it as a little hide away.
    Anywho, about half-way through the walk, a friend of mine started texting me and so I, of course, started texting them in return. While texting isn’t my favourite means of communication, it’s probably one of the easiest when wandering around the middle of a field. So, this little text conversation had been going on for a while when I finally arrived up at Dry Arch and, since I hadn’t seen that friend in quite a while, it was quite nice to have some contact with them.
    Just as I was crossing the bridge, a fresh text message arrived in my inbox, so I pulled out my phone and prepared to write my reply. But, my goodness, all of a sudden, my phone had barely any power in it. If I wasn’t careful, my phone would run out and I’d appear rude by giving no reply in my conversation! As such, I decided to best course of action was to turn around and return home.
    Around half way back, I got another text message. I read the message and, strangely enough, my phone now had full power again… Were the evil spirits making my phone appear empty, in order to draw me away from their haunted bridge? Almost certainly not, but if I tell the story with the implication that that’s the truth, it makes it sound more interesting, because, quite frankly, this anecdote contains nothing of real interest.

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