Good and Evil

The universe, if you think about it, is just a big ball of stuff (I think that may be a quote from Doctor Who), the exact same things which make up humans, also make up stars which are billions of miles away. That’s atoms I’m talking about, in case it wasn’t obvious. Now, atoms are not fixed things, the ones which are currently making you up may have been part of a shed or a porridge oat just a couple of days ago.
    Think about that for a second: if humans are just part of all of that, does that not mean that we are merely the universe observing itself? We are made of the exact same stuff as everything else, and one day, within our lifetime, we’ll be made of a completely new set of atoms, nothing is constant, the universe is just a shifting mass. People may not even have free will.
    Now, how does that reflect on morality? In this universe which has billions of life forms through which to view itself, there are people who do good and people who do evil. Now, I don’t believe in evil people, obviously people can do evil, but I don’t believe that anybody has done NO good, and an evil person would not do good. But I’d say it’s a fact that every good person has done at least one bad deed within their lifetime. But while thinking about this the other day, I came to a strange conclusion: within this big mass which is the universe there are good things which happen and bad things which happen: does that then mean that there is a force for good and a force for evil which causes turmoil between the life in the universe? Everyone being moved by both of them. If so, then there is a scientific means for arguing for moral truth…
    Although I realise this argument is very flawed, I’ll raise a very big point against myself now: calling things either good or bad, is merely a human construct, it is wrong of me to suggest that from a wholly detached point of view they are anything but things that happen (without good or bad coming into it). But still, people can feel happiness, and so, therefore, a very small part of the universe is happy every single time a person feels joy… and that can’t be bad. Right?
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