I was out taking my evening walk along with my brothers the other day and at the end of it they wanted to pop into Co-Op in order to buy themselves a snack. While they went in, I waited outside with the dogs. Also outside of Co-Op were a couple of teenagers who had said hello to my brothers and I when we arrived. Once the pair of them were inside, one of the teenagers came over to me and started talking to me.
    “You were always so nice to me at school,” he said, “so I want to shake your hand.”
    Now, I’m not a particularly large fan of shaking hands but I liked this very much. I must admit though, that I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of guilt, because I didn’t recognise or remember this person at all, but this was still a very heart-warming moment for me. You see, friends and family may give compliments sometimes, but your friends and family obviously value their relationships with you and therefore would be likely to say nice things to you. Now, of course I’m not saying that nice things people you know say should be disregarded, just that things from strangers have a little more weight to them as they have no reason to say anything nice to you. This made me very happy, anyway, because it was as if I were receiving a confirmation that I am indeed being nice in life. I quite often, as I’m sure everybody else does, question whether I am really a ‘good person’ and so moments like these are wonderful reassurances. This was a person I had no memory of at all, but clearly I had had quite a big impact on him.
    “Do you smoke weed, mate?” asked his friend.
    “Ha!” he replied. “Nah mate, not him, he doesn’t.”
    And so it seems that he even remembered things about me! I do hope this entry doesn’t seem arrogant or boastful, but this was a very nice moment for me and so I felt the need to record it.

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